how we work

Our hands


Our main tool. Chyromantic study of our hands shows important lines of development in arts & crafts.

Our materials


By the work in conservation and restoration we are conscious about the quality of the products that are included in our books and notebooks.
We prefer natural or semi-natural products like linen or cotton fabrics and threads, hemp ropes, leather, wax, etc.
Important feature is a type of glue, a mixture of Tylose and PVA glue, which is solid and durable, but at the same time, flexible and recoverable whenever there's a need. It protects the book as an object that, in his essence, is made for frequent and intensive use.

Our tools


A bookbinders' tool world is very wide. Basically it could be divided in:
- small tools like cutter, bone folder, needles, brushes and spatulas;
- larger ones like various types of presses, sewing frame, guillotine;
- finishing tools which are used in decoration of the books cover, such as hand tools (rolls and pallets) for stamps in leather or agate burnishers to get the gloss on the paper or book edges.

Our techniques


There's a vast variety of bookbinding techniques and every craftsman adds his own way of work. We mainly focus on experiments with textile and paper decoration, such as marbling, kleisterpapier or "paste paper", embroidery and tie-dye techniques. Leather works are very much included in our professional interests as well.
Everything made with love and care.