“Principia ivris criminalis…”

“Principia ivris criminalis…”, 1819. (Vilnius University Library)

Restoration of binding of a book that was very damaged by insects. The cardboards were barely found inside the cover. Sheets of the first  few gatherings were loose as well as endpapers. The book came to me after cleaning of the book block and some inaccurate treatment of endpapers’ structure. The loose parts of three bands were broken.

Sheets of first gatherings were connected by restoring their missing parts and strengthening them with Japanese paper and tissue. They were fixed with linen thread on restored parts of ropes of the bands.

The cover was made of new cardboards covering them with neutral brown paper and brown dyed leather, adjusting colors to the original one. Then authentic fragments were fixed on the top of the cover.

The endpapers were restored with cotton fiber pulp in leaf casting machine. Loose endpapers were restored with the machine leaving a big margin (size of a sheet of the book) on their sides. Later after the drying, on these newly made margin sides  much more fragile original fragments of the pastedown endpaper were fixed, as this part of endpapers was too vulnerable to put it in the machine.

Fotos by R. Malaiška