Herbarium of the Hermetic Island

Another item in the serie of herbariums and albums of recollections made by Siberiana Books.

The Hermetic Island is a closed mystical space where sometimes we can escape and find relief and consolation. Obviously this island is full of strange plants, animals and landscapes.

This herbarium is a kind of a bridge that connects the imaginary and the real. The plants and objects recollected in special situations and occasions form an occult corpus of the evidence  the existence of this secret space.

Brown linen cloth, marbled paper, two types of paper bound together using the structure of an album.

19,5 x 26 x 5 (the spine) cm

The emblem is take from Daniel Stolz von Stolzenberg’s Hortulus Hermeticus (1627).

And here is some music from the Island performed by L. Pierre: