“Missye katolickie…”

“Missye katolickie…”, 1882, Krakow. (Vilnius University Library)

The book came to me after disinfection of the mold which damaged some parts of the paper in the book’s block, endpapers and the fabric of the cover. Part of the book, especially the leather of the spine, showed that the book survived the fire as well. The fabric was loose, dirty and the leather was very brittle, especially in it’s surface. Bifolios of endpapers were loosen and torn in the central part. The joints of bands were broken.

The treatment included restoration of endpapers recreating their missing fragments with Japanese paper in a humid way and strengthening vulnerable parts with Japanese tissue. Then the endpapers were fixed to the block on restored parts of ropes of the bands.

The cardboards found inside were in a satisfactory condition, although avoiding a risk of acids and for strengthening it’s layers as well, they were cleaned with bruch and scalpel, straightened in the press and covered with neutral pH paper.

The fabric was washed in warm water taking away all the dirt, rests of mold and old glue. The leather was slightly humidified, carefully cleaned and strengthened with solution of 4 % Tylose.

The renovated cardboards were covered with new linen cloth of matching color and jointed with new brown leather. On the top of this cover authentic parts of the leather and fabric were fixed.

Fotos by R. Malaiška