The State of Things

There was this beautiful flowered shirt and it was the most favorite of all the shirts of Cristof Polo. He’s got this vestment from his uncle when he was 13 years old, then he forgot it in his wardrobe and rediscovered in 2002. From then it faithfuly served for him many years.

But finally when it was quite worn out, there came the moment to see this object with different eyes and to propose a kind of methamorphosis.

There we made a dissection of the shirt. After careful revision of some parts we applied them to the notebooks. It seems incredible how many notebooks you can made from one shirt (after making 5, there are still left some useful parts).

Thats how Cristof Polo’s notebook was wearing the same good shirt with the comfortable pocket for a pen. The notebook was named as “Gatatumba” which is one of the weirdest Spanish words and your probably would need to ask the author what was the reason for this name.

Also you can notice this strange paper made hand  which was originally put in the pocked and actually was beginning of our logo: a diligent hand of Siberiana.

Old cotton shirt fabric, brown leather, linen cloth.

16 x 23 x 1,5 cm