Tristitia & Hilaria

It is a diary which is not so impressive as a binding, but it’s structure of content is based on the idea that appears in Polish writer’s Olga’s Tokarczuk novel “House of Day, House of Night”. There is a story about a nun, a bearded saint virgin, kind of Wilgefortis, who writes down her sad thoughts on the one side of her diary that she names “Tristitia”, and her joyful thoughts on the other side, called “Hilaria”. In the middle of a diary appears her description of divine revelations and her mystical experience.

In this particular case, when I started to make a notebook, there wasn’t sufficient amount of the same white paper, so I needed to take another that had some slightly different shade of blueish white. Instead of perceiving it as a failure, I preferred to emphasize the structure of a diary mentioned above. Although without this special part for divine revelations in the middle.

Anyway, this is perfect idea for a diary: order and therapy for your minds.