Strange proposal: a notebook for a poem

Two weeks ago Siberiana Books had a pleasure to receive the message of a passionate note-taker, Chris from UK. After visiting our site he made a proposal which represents the real spirit of cuadernística.

Chris wrote us:

I have forever been searching for ‘the’ notebook I had in my mind. I love Victorian notebooks and marbled paper. Then I saw my notebook- you made it! When I saw the picture I thought it was another antique one that someone photographed. Oh, it was meant to be.

His proposal consisted of ordering two marbled notebooks: one for it’s ordinary price and the second one for a Poem that has to encompass the spirit of Siberiana. Of course we agreed as it was impposible to reject this curious and quadernistic kind of proposal.

When Chris sent us a Poem to evaluate, we applied all our knowledge of bookbindery, handwriting, semiopoetics, botany and other pataphysical disciplines and announced our verdict:

the poem is good and perfectly exchangeable for one good notebook.

Here is the Poem:


We appreciate this initiative of Chris that, in a way, made us appear in this beautiful poem and owe him a good marbled notebooks.

That’s how worldwide note-takers and quadernists get to know each other. ¡Viva la cuadernística!