Things born in the notebooks

Cover Tumba comun We are happy to present a long-awaited work of Cristóbal Polo, a book of poems Tumba común ( “Common Grave” in Spanish), recently published by Editorial Gravitaciones in February of 2017. In fact, it is not only a book of poems, but whole universe that includes slow-made selection of pictures made by pinhole camera during the last few year and a short movie called Alrededor de la tumba común (“Around the Common Grave” in Spanish) filmed by a old good Super 8 camera.

You may ask what it has to do with Siberiana Books? The point is that whole this imaginary universe was born in our handmade notebooks, that were all named and carefully classified. These notebooks were used not only as a support for a mosaico of fragmented poems, but also as a basis for experimental notes on required exposition time for a pinhole camera as well as for sketches of Alrededor de la tumba común. 

Moreover, the whole project is illustrates Cristóbal Polo’s ideas about his pathaphysical theory of quadernistics, which is exposed in a kind of constantly updated manifesto, that currently consists of 28 clauses.

You are very welcome to visit a website of Tumba común, where you will find a detailed description of the whole project.