Book & paper conservation

Siberiana, or Ieva Rusteikaitė, is a professional conservator of books and paper artifacts. 

Ieva’s main work now is in Vilnius University Library, one of the oldest libraries in Lithuania, where she helps to preserve books and other documents, apply treatments and sometimes perform as a manager in bindings conservation section. Besides previously finished studies in history and cultural studies, Ieva also has a master degree in Direction of the Projects in Conservation and Restoration (University of Barcelona, Spain). Recently, she started her PhD project on a collection of 16th and 17th century bindings in Vilnius Art Academy.

She is also a member of the Bookbinders Guild of Vilnius and IADA – International Association of Book and Paper Conservators. 

She takes care of public and private library collections, preserves and repairs all types of damage found in paper and bound material. Ieva bases her working methods on the AIC code of ethics, which among other important principles includes the minimal intervention and respect of the authenticity of every detail. 


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