Limited editions

Dead Shirt Society is an experimental project focused on the limited edition books and other printed work with all the creative process behind it.

We believe that the digital phenomena doesn’t mean at all the disappearance of the traditional paper media, but, on the contrary, it elevates the traditional codex-shaped book to the much more sophisticated and artistic level, limited by the number, but extended in its quality.

From its very beginning, the spirit of the Dead Shirt Society is absolutely collaborative inviting all the poets, writers, photographers, designers, publishers, conceptual artists, bookbinders, bibliophiles, conservators, ecologists and many other people to join us and share the ideas.

This is also the way we see the possibilities for the return of the craft of bookbindery with all its incredible historical potential. We make layouts, we bind, rebind and create objects based both on the new materials and ideas and the old ones, time-tested solutions.

That’s where we give a shape to the virtual contents and that’s where dead shirt rise for the new live in the cover of a hand-bound book.


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