Friendly classes of bookbindery I

2020 was also special in very good ways. Siberiana made new friends Gabrielė and Modesta. For a several months they became Siberiana’s students, colleagues and little helpers in our studio. 

An art student Gabrielė popped in our studio to ask for advise for some technical solutions of her final work at Vilnius Art Academy. However, it didn’t end up just with conversation and turned into friendly course of introduction of bookbindery that took several months. During her work at our studio she had an opportunity to fulfill some of her never-ending artistic ideas on sensual topics.

Gabrielė says,

When I first encountered bookbinding, I was really impressed. I was fastinated by the meditativeness of the work, the abundance of the most interesting tools and possibilities what you can create with them. Bookbinding seemed to me like a sacred work and I really wanted to learn it. Since I am an artist working in the field of audio and text, I began to associate my works with the form of a book. I made one piece by putting an audio player between the pages, I wrote poetry for another book. I enjoyed doing everything with my own hands, watching how a single object – a book – is created from different materials. Bookbinding has taught me not to rush but to concentrate. I learned to do the job well and accurately, even if it had to be repeated many times. When you spend so much time on a book, the result is especially gratifying and having experienced it once, you want more and more. Bookbinding felt almost contagious to me. I am currently writing new texts and thinking about the next book I could create. Can‘t wait to start.