Texture of Ariadne

A notebook for a feminist artist.

Presuming the metaphor of textile as a text used by women from the ancient times, there is one of those very inspiring subjects in Greek mythology: the famous story of Ariadne and her thread that helped Theseus to orientate himself in the bloody maze of Minotaur.

So, there are two reversed classic greek mazes embroidered on the cover of the notebook. Some can even recongnize there a shape of  womb or clitoris.

In the very heart of the notebook there are few reddish pages, so it can be used from both sides independently.

In the case that a notebook, a diary or a journal becomes a kind of labyrinth of the mind not very well organized, the handmade woven bookmark works as a guide for not to loose in those depths.

Red linen cloth, embroidery

15,2 x 21,8 x 1,5 cm.