Vasko Popa and his wolves

A new binding for the Spanish edition of a book of poems of the marvellous Serbian poet Vasko Popa (Vaso Roto Ediciones, 2012, Madrid-México). A good example of how elegant could look a simple linen cloth binding.

I made few linocut prints on colored paper and embedded them into the front cover. I thought that the figure of a wolf is very representative for Vasko Popa’s poetry and you could find it in the most of his poems. A circular shape of a print was chosen to match the vignettes used to illustrate and separate different parts of the book and also created by the poet himself.

Another part that makes this book elegant is it’s slipcase. The lining is made of black paper matching the inside part and the edges lined with blue and reddish papers, the same that are used in the cover.