Gorgeous double French headbands


On 14th of June we’ve finished our short spring series of workshops with a last one dedicated to the gorgeous double French headbands. The event was organized by Siberiana Books together with the Bookbinders Guild of Vilnius. Our teacher was Rūta Taukinaitytė – Narbutienė, an experienced bookbinder, art critic and an active member of the Guild.


The gorgeous headbands were made on some of our text-blocks with marbled edges in previous workshop by Aušra Lazauskienė. The selection of patterns and colors of the headbands beautifully matched with the colors of the edges. Before making the headbands, we did some samples on the pieces of cardboard.


Thank you, Rūta, for sharing your knowledge and skills!


Photographed by Liuda Drižytė.